Website Creation

Code 5 Marketing is here to help you achieve your business goals by making more effective use of spot-on design and latest technologies.

Code 5 Marketing is a team of technology people with a genuine understanding of business needs. the modern Web and mobile opportunity. Code 5 starts by understanding your specific needs in depth, and then work in collaboration with you to craft and execute a business and identity strategy. Code 5 proposes :

  1. To collaborate with you to mark the perimeter of your Web project requirements and specify the adequate website solution
  2. To design websites that are representative of your project's identity
  3. To craft websites that are focused on your specific needs
  4. To build websites that your staff can easily edit and update
  5. To provide a fully managed world-class hosting service that eliminates all technology hassles

The Power of Content-Rich, Database-Driven Sites

Our approach is especially well suited to companies and organizations with lots of structured content. For example:

  • Manufacturers require a catalog of products with detailed specifications, photos, videos, PDFs, etc.
  • Performing arts venues need a database of events and performers.
  • Advocacy organizations must manage and present a large collection of articles and videos.

Building Sites That Match Your Goals

We'll guide you in focusing your investment in ways that deliver the best business results:

  • Creating sites that are search-engine optimized and easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Providing browsing and searching functions that help visitors find what they are looking for.
  • Using interaction designs that engage users and make the site inviting.
  • Empowering content editors to easily add content to the site, keeping it fresh.
  • Using appropriate lead-capture, source-tracking, and ecommerce techniques.

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