Video Creation & Marketing

"video traffic is expected to represent 69% of all Internet traffic by 2017"



On the internet and Social Media platforms, your brand deserves the same visibilty as the big multinational corporations. But Your company also can master its communication with cutting-edge video marketing. 

It is a fact, Increasingly, consumers prefer to view video rather than read text. In fact, video traffic is" expected to represent 69% of all Internet traffic by 2017", according to the Cisco Visual.

Big companies all house and fund their own communication services, marketing teams and Public relations specialists, who produce buzzing videos on internet.  Well, these tools and know-how are now available to small and medium businesses, with CODE5 MkG. We are bringing this experience to create video stories, edited to fit your needs for and gain fame and customers on Social medias. 

Each brand, each product has its own story to be told.

The entertainment industry and the world of commercial TV have known this fact for a very long time: 85% of the people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video of that product. But now we live in a different world. Where anything can be out of fashion even before it hits the shelves.

The world of the social medias has arrived. And it is a brutal and very competitive one. So each company needs its own customer based community in order to survive. CODE5 MkG helps you build and grow your community, who will defend your values and products. 

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

For instance, Video Real Estate Tours have a huge VISUAL IMPACT. Video not only helps sell listings fast, but also saves time and travel expense by allowing prospective buyers to preview properties before scheduling a showing, narrowing the choice to the most suitable properties. 

According to surveys done with existing real estate websites proposing video tours of properties, 40% of the leads they get through their website come from their real estate marketing videos.


We propose to perform drone video shootings. A must in the tourism and real estate marketing.


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