Social Media Marketing

With Social media marketing, Code 5 MKG helps you gain website traffic and attention through social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vine, Instagram and Google+ amongst other social chanels.

Code 5 MKG Social media marketing programs focus on storytelling. We create videos that will spread the story of your brand and your product' s values. These stories, filled with emotions and human interactions will trigger user generated content that will attract targeted audience attention and will push viewers and readers to share it across their own social networks.

As a result, Code 5 MKG's unique experience, marketing platform and know-how will end up generating the buzz via the Internet on your websites, social networks, instant messages, news feeds about your Real Estate Project, your special event, your new product, your updated services, your exclusive brand or your company.

When Code 5 MKG relays your message across your social profiles portfolio, with the help of our Community Management Services, the word will spread from user to user and will turn into organic traffic on your own Web properties, hence bringing new customers to you, and developping your marjet, boosting your company's growth.

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The key in Social media is to personalize your message. Personalize it so that each consumer thinks it was created just for him/her.

With our marketing videos aimed directly and precisely for your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube pages, your business, whether B2B or B2C, will never be the same.

Whether directly on their Facebook timeline or in the pocket on the smartphone, once they register to your Instagram or YouTube account, they will add significantly to your consumer base.

We produce top of the line infographics photos, and videos, aimed directly at the social medias. Because the social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram for the most part, are the place where customers from all around the world are now meeting, and decide what they want, what they need, and what they love.

Code5 MKG will manage your pages and deliver the content to create a community of engaged consumers. 

These fans will basically act on Social media platforms as your own sales persons! YouTube or Facebook offers you a chance to be responsive to your audience and to evaluate precisely your popularity, likes and shares.


The social media platforms, managed by Code5 MKG will then give a chance to your company to advertise and connect with your customers in a more informal way then traditional advertising.

The Code5 MKG campaigns will make your brand viral, through our videos, photos and infographics.

The best way to reach a customer is to reach to his feelings and emotions.

And there is nothing more appealing then when another customer talks to him. Consumers usually don’t believe the sales agent, they believe the guy before them. They do want to hear the feedback from the guy who bought the same product before him. So we, at Code5 MkG value high quality productions that LOOK like they are shot on the fly, with a small camera.

The informations and values in the short Code5 MKG film will then look more authentic, and will be more relevant and more valuable for your audience.

Its not all about you. Let us make your fans tell their stories, their adventures with your brand and your products! 


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